Honor Council Executive Board, Spring 2015. From left: Brian Guggenheimer ’16, Librarian; Chris Hadad ’17, Co-Chair; Michelle Parris ’16, Co-Chair; Erin Lipman ’17, Co-Secretary; Kyle Albagli ’16, Co-Secretary

Welcome to the Honor Council website! Honor Council is a body composed of 16 students, four from each class year, who are elected for semester- or year-long terms. We meet weekly on Sundays at 5 p.m. in the Swarthmore Room of the DC. If you would like Honor Council to discuss a topic or if you’d like to talk to Honor Council about topics others have brought, come to one of our Community Forums, or email code@haverford.edu. A message sent to this address will go to the two Honor Council Co-Chairs, the two Co-Secretaries, and the Librarian.

If you would like to report a possible violation of the Code to Honor Council, please also email code@haverford.edu.

Honor Council’s responsibility within the community is to take care of administrative and outreach aspects of the Honor Code. Honor Council is the body that considers potential violations of the Honor Code and decides how to proceed. Our decisions are made by consensus and we operate on the principles of education, accountability, and restoration. We release abstracts to the Haverford community from all of our proceedings to encourage discussion about some of the issues facing our community. These abstracts use pseudonyms to protect confidentiality. We also host events each semester, including abstract discussions, community forums, and Pizza, Professors, and the Code, and oversee the yearly Honor Code ratification process.

You can read the Honor Code here.

As we work through the semester, please remember not to discuss the form, content, or degree of difficulty of any exams you are taking.

If you have questions about plagiarism or citation, please see our Resources page. The Writing Center and your professors are also good resources.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email code@haverford.edu.