Responsibilities of Honor Council

Article VI of the Constitution of the Students’ Association outlines the responsibilities of Honor Council as well as those of its officers and members. This article also outlines voting procedure for Honor Council elections.

Article VI. Judicial Powers

Trial Procedure from Article VII of the Constitution

If a resolution to a conflict cannot be reached through confrontation, Honor Council will decide if the situation needs to be resolved in a trial. A trial is necessary if a student is suspected of having violated our community standards and must, therefore, answer to the community for his/her actions. One of six circumstances will take place:

Article VII Section 1. Types of Trials

Article VII Section 2. Universal Trial Procedures

Article VII Section 3. Special Concerns

Supplementary Trial Procedures

The following procedures are internal Honor Council documents which supplement the information in the Constitution with “best practices” guidelines for trials.

Trial Flow Chart

Trial Procedures for Trial Chair

Trial Procedures for the Jury